About the Founder

A career in fashion and luxury leathers, endowed Fameed Khalique with a feel for the exceptional. A skill he has turned into an internationally renowned company that specializes in exquisite materials for the interior design industry.

Designers are free to roam his extended library of samples, often arriving with a blank canvas only to leave an hour later with 20 brilliant ideas. Fameed knows that if he can make a designer go ‘Wow’ then the client will be bowled over.

Fameed’s approach balances creative panache with practicality. Offering designers the ‘moon & stars’ while ensuring they materialize come the installation date. His company shares the passion of its clients, which ensures a superior product and service.

‘I get a real kick out of finding incredible materials and love the reaction of my clients when we surprise them. We’re here to inspire them, make their lives easier and most importantly to help them deliver extraordinary projects.’
Fameed Khalique


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